Girlfriends Rock!

God has truly blessed me in the department of girlfriends. No matter how old I get, or where I go, good friends have always been a constant in my life.

Some will argue what goes around comes around. I do believe that as well, but I think in part, it is God’s way of making it up to me, after all he gave me thunder thighs! LOL

If I was to ignore my large thighs and look at the “what goes around comes around” belief, its maybe not what you think. Its not necessarily what I do, but maybe more of what my friends do. They have taught me many lessons over the years. The most important lesson for me is to not pass judgment on others so freely. If anything, what has taught me this lesson the best is my girlfriends outstanding ability to not judge me. Their understanding when I mess up. Their encouragement by example of what defines a good person.

As women we are passionate and we need other female companionship to survive. Our husbands/boyfriends/significant others are all wonderful but sometimes, we just need a glass of Shiraz and a good girlfriend to make our day.

Again, I’m blessed with the closeness of friends to share that wine and time with.  However, never disregard a friend far away. Take that Ipad out onto the deck, pour a glass, and skype one on one! Instead of using technology to flash a status out to the masses, use it to keep the personal touch alive, to make someone feel important by giving them your undivided attention because they’re worth it. Can you tell a girlfriend put me on the receiving end of this attention lately?

So to summarize, to all my girlfriends I have already had the pleasure of meeting and to those still to come into my life – thank you for being you! You have impacted my life in ways only you can just by being who you are!

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