Lora Leigh

The very first page of the very first book I read of Miss Lora Leigh’s had me blushing with a capital “B”. I was looking around the coffee shop to make sure no one was reading over my shoulder! LOL Then I reminded myself, I am an adult and I am allowed to read such sinfully erotic scenes. I naughtily turned the page, and another, and another, until the book was done!

Miss Leigh’s dominating alpha male heroes are usually, in some fashion, connected to the military, are honorable, tough, and they know how to love a woman beyond her, and the reader’s, wildest fantasies!  If she’s not writing about an Elite Op’s Agent, or a cowboy, or some other sexy man then she’s writing about her very popular paranormal Breeds. I promise you will like everything about these creations – human DNA is mixed with an animal – wolf, feline or coyote. These books can all be read as a standalone, but once you read one, you’ll want the whole series so you might as well start with number one and work your way down the list.

Her stories are sensually sexy with a solid foundation of danger. Intrigue and mystery paint the pages along with a heavy dose of emotion. Her writing pulls you deep into her hero’s and heroine’s minds. The sacrifices or hardships they have endured leave one with an ache in their chest, as if you, the reader, have become the character.

My favorite couple Miss Leigh has created that I hold dear is Ian Richards and Kira Porter from KILLER SECRETS. Ian has turned rogue, or so the US Military is led to believe. He is deep undercover for the government working for his father’s drug cartel. His assignment is to flush-out the identity of the mole that has infiltrated the military through the use of his father’s business dealings.

Ian has a secondary mission. It’s a personal vendetta against his father for the cruelties played-out on a prisoner while held captive by the cartel. The prisoner was like a brother to Ian and his father’s death is the only justice that will provide satisfaction.

Kira Porter knows Ian, and she knows a man like Ian would never turn against his country. She knows he’s running an op and once he has completed the assignment, she knows he will kill his own father. Kira’s mission is to ensure Ian’s father lives.

For Ian and Kira, the spark of attraction flares every time they come in close contact with one another. Once they begin working together, the flare combusts into a raging fire between them on and off the battlefield.

To find more of Miss Leigh’s books visit her website http://www.loraleigh.com/

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2 thoughts on “Lora Leigh

  1. Oh wow, Kreseda, this sounds like a fabulous series of books. I love alpha heroes. They’re absolutely my favorite fantasy!

  2. kresedakaine

    “I love alpha hereos.” – Sheila, obviously great minds think alike!

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