Work in Progress

Hit List – A Contemporary Romance

Finding a man is easy, finding one who makes you weak in the knees from a mere glance – not so easy.  So when Emerson Scotland’s gaze settles on long muscular legs clad in faded Levis, a perfectly sculpted torso, strong arms, sensuously firm lips, and eyes swirling with a promise of ecstasy …  her hottest fantasies explode. This cowboy-lawyer look alike is standing two storefronts down in the mall and she’s ready to explore where those fantasies could land them.  At least she was until she learns her tall dark stranger, Ty Rettsen, is ex-marine and owns a private security company. An adrenaline-rushing junky at best, just like her mercenary father.

As a little girl, she lost her world because of her father’s profession.  As a grown woman, loving a man who so casually places himself in danger is too risky.  Fate is not giving up so easily though and rears its twisted sense of humour resurrecting an enemy from her father’s past.  Evil is out for blood again, and this time it’s hers.

Now in danger, attraction running hot through her veins toward the man wearing a deal breaker stamp on his forehead, means keeping her distance is imperative, and yet, so impossible.

SECOND CHANCE – stay tuned for more information

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